St. Ives Scrub

Today in the mail I received my Facebook St. Ives Apricot Scrub sample.  This is from their Fresh Face Summer Blockbuster Poster Program.   St. Ives does frequent freebie giveaways, so be on the look out. I received this by liking their page on Facebook, create a poster using a photo of yourself, and then submitting this for approval. It’s as simple as that.  I created the poster on August 15 and it arrived this week. So it took around 7 weeks to arrive.

*FYI Facebook promotion arrivals come within 4-8 weeks.* 

This scrub smells delicious. I used to use this all the time when I was in high school. It has little micro beads to help exfoliate the skin and clear pores. It has salicylic acid to help with acne. I can already tell a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin. So this is a must for those with acne.