Dermorganics Shampoo and Conditioner

I’m always looking for new shampoos and conditioners. Using the same shampoo for a couple of months your hair will get used to it. So it is always good to change up your shampoo and conditioner every few months. I contacted Dermorganics and asked if they provided samples to try of their shampoo before buying. Dermorganics is a company that doesn’t use sulfates or parabens in their products.  They included 1 fl oz of the daily conditioning shampoo, intensive hair repair masque, daily hydrating conditioner, and leave in treatment.

Shampoo – This is one of the creamiest shampoos that I have ever used. You can use a quarter sized amount and it will completely lather your whole head.  All of their products are made with amino acids and essential fatty acid cleansers.  While I liked the creamy texture of the shampoo, it stripped my hair.  My hair felt extremely dry after I rinsed my hair.

Intensive Hair Repair Masque – This definitely combated the dryness that was left by the shampoo.  It suggests to leave on 3 to 6 minutes but I left it on for about 15. After using this I followed up with the daily hydrating conditioner.

Daily Hydrating Conditioner –  I love love love love this conditioner!!!! It helps with detangling and leaves hair with lots of bounce and shine. Out of all the products this would be the one that I would purchase.

Leave in Treatment – I really like the smell of this. It smells like a lip gloss that I had before. All you need is a few drops, work that into damp hair and then style as desired. It is supposed to repair, protect, and shine.  I use this as a daily oil to use for wrapping my hair. I do like that it helps with frizziness.

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