Klout Perks: Essie

I received my first Klout perk yesterday. Klout is a website that measures your social media influence. You are given a score of 1 to 100. The more you engage the higher your klout measure. Depending on your score you are able to receive perks. Your klout measure updates every day at 12 am. I have seen Essie being offered a few time but this is the first it wasn’t filled. So when I saw Essie I jumped at the opportunity. When you accept the perk you are given a time frame of 2-3 weeks to receive the perk.


I received an Essie polish from there Fall 2012 collection in the color Miss Fancy Pants.


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Influencer Disclosure

I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.



Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix Sample

Rip. Fizz. Gulp. Emergen-C is packed full of 24 nutrients and with 7 B vitamins.  The company states on their website that:   Emergen-C is a dietary supplement that features immune supporting vitamin C, B vitamins to enhance energy naturally, electrolytes and replenish post workout and more.  I honestly forgot that I requested these samples.  So what a nice little surprise when I got this is the mail. These remind of those Airborne tablets that you put in water.  Hopefully these taste a little bit better than those.  Nonetheless I am excited to try these.

Request yours “Like” Emergen-C on Facebook and fill out the short form.

Facebook link | here

You can also go on their website and fill out the form there.  Website link | here 

Included:  • Super Orange        • Acai Berry         • $1 off coupon


Free Lipton Tea & Honey Mix

I saw this freebie post on a few freebie sites that I frequent.  I’m not the biggest tea/iced tea fan. However I was curios to try this out. The mango pineapple flavor is the only flavor available to sample. If you are not a mango pineapple fan, I suggest emailing them to request another flavor sample to try. The samples includes one drink packet and one $.50 off coupon. This drink is only 5 calories, sweetener with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavor.

My verdict:  The mango pineapple flavor was very refreshing. However I experienced an after taste. It tasted like the artificial sweetener Splenda (yuck).  If it didn’t have that horrible after taste I would have been thrilled but the after taste through me off.

However judge for yourself.

Score a single-serve of Lipton Tea & Honey Mango Pineapple. Click here and fill out the form to get your sample.



I brought a brush set from EcoTools a long, long time ago.  After cleaning my brushes I noticed that the bristles on my finishing brush started to shed profusely. So I decided to contact EcoTools and explain to them my brush situation. In about a week’s time I received a response saying that they would replace my brush and send a free extras. Well to my surprise they sent 5 free products!!!!

I received:

• 2 finishing brushes (only one is pictured here, gave the other to my sis 🙂 )

• Concealer brush   • Pack of sponge applicators    • 2 bamboo mini nail files

Kabuki Brush – All of these brushes are incredibly soft.  The bristles are made from synthenic taklon so they are 100% cruelty free. Which is always a plus!!! All of the handles are made of bamboo.  The thickness of the brush is what I love the most. I love a full brush. My main use for this brush is to finish, blending my foundations and tinted moisturizers.

Concealer Brush – I don’t wear concealer.  I did use this to set my tinted moisturizer underneath my eyes and it worked very well.

20 Cosmetic Applicators – These are literally some of the softest applicator brushes that I have ever used. I love to use these for lining, shaping and little bit of contouring. These are great to keep in your makeup bag in your purse just is case you forgot your brush. These are of a higher quality then the ones that come with eye shadows.

Mini Bamboo Nile File – A standard nail file. Very sturdy which I like.

If you are having the same problems with any of your Ecotools brushes contact them and let them know. They are more than helpful.

Contact email : ecotoolssupport@parispresents.com


Email Method

The email method for acquiring products has proven to be the most prompt. Customer service representatives do respond fairly quickly. For those of you who do want to pursue the email method. I will provide a sample below. You can use the template that I give and edit to your liking. 

Sample Email:  


I have been hearing great reviews about your products. I wanted to know do you offer samples to test the product out before purchasing.   Please let me know and keep up the great work with the brand.
Thank you
Hope this has been helpful.

Free…Who Doesn’t Love It

This summer I have received tons of free products in the mail. How? Well just by asking. It’s as simple as that. Companies want to give its consumers free things. Another method to acquiring samples are through emails and Facebook promotions. I will try to post frequent promotions from Facebook and other sources to keep you all up to date.